At, our unique collaborative approach to specialist healthcare services extends to those of allergists, with several dedicated practitioners on site at our Bella Vista clinic to assist patients who present with suspected allergic complaints. Positively identifying a specific allergic reaction can involve one of a number of tests, with our preferred method being the skin prick test.


Get a single skin prick test to check for all common allergies


Skin prick tests are preferred by our allergy doctors and nurses because, when performed by a qualified practitioner in a controlled environment, they are quick, efficient, minimise discomfort and medical evidence shows that they provide the most accurate results. 


This is possible because of the simple and localised nature of the test; each allergen is tested against a small patch of skin, “pricked” into the surface of the forearm or back. The quantity of the allergen is so microscopic that only that tiny patch of skin will produce a reaction, so a whole batch of tests can be conducted side by side in a matter of minutes, and the reactions compared. Our affordable skin prick test clinics also incorporate controls to help avoid false negatives and verify results


Our services, including nasendoscopy, rhinomanometry, spirometry, skin prick test for aeroallergens, food panel skin prick test, nut panel and seafood pannel have Medicare rebates available.  


Book your medicare rebatable skin prick test in Sydney Allergy clinic


A skin prick test is a fast, easy way to test your reactions to a range of common allergens, including dust, food, pet dander, and pollen. Our clinic and practitioners operate by the highest standards of cleanliness and conduct, ensuring the safety of patients for any treatment and diagnostic tests, from skin prick tests through to immunotherapy. Call us today on 1300 344 325 or book an appointment for your test online.







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* Disclaimer: due to Medicare alterations to allergy item numbers from 1st November there may be additional charges.