Reasons This Weight-loss Programme Is Good For You

February 7, 2019


Did you know that obesity is one of the biggest health concerns in Australia? Statistics show that 63% of Australians aged 18 and more are obese or overweight in 2018 and being overweight and obese can lead to other health issues such as high blood glucose, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and central obesity. 


So why not make a fresh start in this new year by joining the Ideal Protein Programme? The Ideal Protein programme is a medically directed and proven weight loss and weight management system, offering an evidence-based alternative to permanent weight loss.


Here are 3 reasons why this programme is good for you!  


1 - Lose the weight and keep it off!


 Have you lost weight before? Was keeping it off the biggest struggle? The primary goal of the Ideal Protein programme is more than just weight-loss, but in fact, it aims to transform and reset your metabolism, allowing you to lose weight and then to keep it off for the rest of your life.


During this program we retrain your body and your understanding on how to maintain your weight, we will also provide a coach throughout the entire journey until you hit your goal. After you’ve lost the weight, your coach will provide you with all the tools that are needed to keep it off! 






2 - A Scientifically & Evidence Based Medically-Led programme  


It’s never too late to get in shape right? Well now is the perfect time to start a new health project as 2019 is around the corner and I’m sure we all want to look good for summer. Why not join the Ideal Protein Programme, a program combining 27 years’ worth of experience and science, this programme is medically directed to dieters here in Australia.


The Ideal Protein programme protocol has been in existence for around 27 years. It originated in France and was developed by a sports medicine doctor, who created it for the French Olympic Team to help them to lose weight after the offseason.  People, who are willing to lose that extra weight, who have struggled in the past with many different diets are encouraged to book in for a consultation with one of the doctors.



3 - Transform Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine


 Ever thought of burning fat without working out? The Ideal Protein Programme is perfect for you then! The programme is scientifically proven to alter the bio-chemistry of the body, such that your body can utilise the nutrients that you give it and turns your body into a fat burning machine. The Ideal Protein diet itself is a highly ketogenic diet.


It will restrict your carbohydrate intake, but not your protein intake, which is very difficult to do with whole foods. By limiting carbohydrate intake, we promote the body to turn to fat sources for energy and this normal metabolic process is called ketosis. Whilst in the programme, we actually recommend you don’t do excessive exercise. If you are an exerciser, then we request that you drop the intensity to about a third of what you would normally do. This programme works with your body in such a way that, you can be sitting on the couch and burning fat. is one of the first medical clinics to adopt the Ideal Protein programme in Australia, so what are you waiting for? Call us today for a consultation and learn more about this amazing programme! 


Our Metabolic Clinic is located at Bella Vista, in Sydney's Norwest region. You can contact us on 1300 344 325 or (or contact us online here).



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