Find Out Why Local GP, Dr Suzie, Thinks This Doctors Check Could Be The Difference Between a Happier, Smarter and Healthier Pre-schooler

December 4, 2018



Dr Suzie explains why you don't want to miss THIS free local School Readiness check if you have a 4-year-old child!


If you have a pre-schooler, then I suggest you check your blue book records to see if you completed this 👇 check because you may be missing out on an opportunity to improve the way your child reads, hears, talks and acts and even looks.


Firstly, let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Dr Suzie and I am a local Bella Vista GP. As an experienced GP, I can’t emphasise enough how this preschool readiness check-point is so critical to your child’s development.


If you're like most busy parents, you might recall your child’s 4-year vaccinations but maybe not completing these NSW HEALTH BLUE BOOK 4 year recommended screening tests*.





Since Medicare removed the rebate incentive for GPs, this critical check is often neglected and this Blue Book section is rarely filled.


Have you checked yours? 



If parents only knew what I knew, that neglecting this screening opportunity could be a missed opportunity, one you might regret later on!


The 4-year check as per NSW Health is a critical screen for preschool readiness and allows for any early behaviour + learning intervention before your child falls behind.  The standard check includes a vision, oral and dental check, growth assessment and hearing check as well as a screen on development. Our revised check also allows for the early management of issues like glue ear, vision issues, snoring and allergies. 


Exactly why this milestone appointment deserves more attention and why has decided to restore this critical checkpoint with our own local health initiative, Let’s Get Ready 4 School! Just because Medicare can no longer afford a 4 Year Healthy Kids check doesn’t mean parents can afford to miss this vital screening opportunity.


I am passionate about restoring the value of a Comprehensive Preschool Check because my experience has shown me that many childhood problems can be prevented by early intervention IF detected by diligent, early and systematic screening at the age of 4… just like how it is suggested in the NSW Blue Book.


Perhaps that $4889 orthodontic bill to correct crowded teeth could have been preventable if an oral check had been performed.


Perhaps squint surgery avoidable if their eyes properly examined by an optometrist.


Perhaps hyperactivity prevented if snoring was screened or learning difficulties avoided because hearing tests had identified Glue Ear.


As part of our local health project initiative tackling epidemic levels of allergy, obesity and sleep disorders, our medical team at have redesigned the 4 Year Health Kids Check to make it more parent-friendly and kid-friendly.


No need to navigate the medical maze of multiple appointments required to complete this 4 year healthy kids check 👇 because it’s now a simple all-in-one check. 



Our updated & comprehensive developmental screen includes: 

✔ vision 

✔ growth + nutrition / weight checks 

✔ oral health / medical airway checks & specialty ENT advice 

✔ hearing & speech 

✔ 4 year immunisations 


➕Plus included EXTRAS:

✔  food allergy testing (if needed) and action plans 

✔ sleep checks and sleep testing (if needed) 

Optional flu vaccination 



A comprehensive developmental screen. So no child is left behind. Especially, in our Hills Local District.

A #Hills Local District Mum supported project.


Which is why I want hills district parents to know this:

✔ Developmental screening is NOW quick and easy 

✔ These tests are now readily available here to local parents of pre-schoolers 

✔ Your comprehensive developmental check takes less than an hour!

✔ And the cost = Medicare only ❤️😍👌



Make this Doctors appointment here TODAY, and lock in this important check! Online appointments available here.


PS. Did I mention we bulk bill this check! Yep, no extra costs, no run around, just a local all-in-one developmental check designed to save you time, money and the run-around.


👋See you at the check!

Dr Suzie 



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