Time To Breathe Well Again This Allergy Season?

October 24, 2018



You don't realise how much you take breathing for granted until your nose is stuffed up!


With spring season here, we know there are a lot of people suffering from hayfever.


The World Allergy Organisation predicts rising air borne allergies, particularly from Pollen causing allergic rhinitis (which is known as hayfever) as well as asthma. The world allergy organisation released their global allergy alert with evidence suggesting that this expected rise in allergies is due to climate change and pollution.


So, if you are one of those Australians for the first time experiencing major hayfever or asthma symptoms then, our doctors urge you to see an allergy trained general practitioner who could offer you the right tests, the best treatment and advise you of the latest evidence based treatments for pollen allergy causing hayfever and asthma.


Over the last 2 years our allergy clinics have seen the entrance of new allergy treatments on offer other than traditionally reached for antihistamines or over-the-counter nasal sprays. 


While traditionally used medications like saline rinses, antihistamines and nasal sprays have a place and are effective at managing hayfever this article focuses on the 3 newest treatments people may not be as aware of.






Rhinolight is a treatment much more prominent in European countries and has had less exposure in Australia but with excellent evidence for helping managing hayfever symptoms. It's a non drug option for patients.


Rhinolight is UV phototherapy - yes light therapy. Used for psoriasis patients for years but now we know the administration of UV light into the nose also improves hayfever symptoms, by temporarily stunning the mast cells and eosinophils cells in the nose lining which release histamine patients get up to 12 months relief of itchy nose, runny nose and sneezing fits.


collective.care allergy clinic and The Australian allergy centre have been using Rhinolight for many years with excellent success. In fact last month we conducted a rhinolight survey for our patients which showed that over 80% of our patients had a significant improvement of their symptoms after the eight treatments. Rhinolite takes two minutes and is painless and safe and can be administered in children as well as during pregnancy. 



 Immunotherapy is desensitisation of the allergy and is considered the closest thing we have to a cure.


Essentially by administering a small amount of the allergen patients become tolerant to the allergen and therefore no longer produce an allergic response when exposed.


Immunotherapy used to be given as allergy injections but now immunotherapy can be safely and efficiently administered as a daily drop under the tongue by patients themselves and we call this sublingual immunotherapy.


Sublingual immunotherapy has gained immense popularity because it can be done in the comfort of your own home and you avoid the doctors office visit and obviously doesn't involve any needles! Immunotherapy is also now available as an oral dispersible tablet too. 




New combination antihistamine and steroid nasal sprays. While the antihistamine reduces the sneezing , itching, watery eyes and runny nose the steroid prevents the ongoing inflammation in the lining and new studies are showing that it can be now considered the newest first line treatment for patients. It's available as a private script from your doctor. 




So, this spring time if hay fever attacks start to affect your life, don't put up with it, see a doctor who understands allergies and can offer you effective treatments so you can enjoy spring time again.




If you need to see a doctor in regards to your allergies, you can contact our clinic here - or book online on our website.


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About the author:


Dr Bekir is the clinical director of the Australian Allergy Centre and collective.care allergy/ ENT clinics. The GP allergy doctors at Australian Allergy Centre and collective.care bulk bill consultations. To make an appointment with one about doctors please call one 1300 322345 or click here.

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