Atopic March

April 23, 2018


Atopic Eczema leads the way to school

one a sunny day

Meeting his friend Allergic Rhinitis,

along the way.


“Surprise”, Jumps in Food Allergy to lead the March

‘What fun to walk to school together! ‘ he laughs


Distracted, already running wildly ahead

Allergic Rhinitis detours along Allergy Road

Let’s play hide and seek, instead


Calling out to his friends “Ready or not here I come”

Look out world, FUN has begun


Predictably, Atopic eczema turns around

Loud and slow, Snoring is found

Sulking he snorts

preferring sick bay to sports,


“You’ll never find me“ Asthma dares,

sneaking behind his cousin Allergic Rhinitis

Desperate not to catch the attention of Infection

Exposing Sleep Disordered Breathing instead

hiding in the opposite direction


“Busted” taunts Attention Deficit Disorder,

nonchalantly skips past

pointing out Autism’s disguise at last


“Atopic Eczema, Food Allergy, “shouts the Headmaster angrily

Allergic Rhinitis sneezing, Asthma wheezing

“Get to class now, quickly”

Snoring looking tired and sickly

Attention Deficit Disorder runs raucously past

catching her teachers attention


Marched breathless, unruly and late to class


All with a Detention.



Poem written by Dr Suzie Bekir for the World Allergy Week. 


This year the World Allergy Organisation (WAO), together with its member societies around the world, host World Allergy Week from April 22-28, 2018. The theme and educational focus will be: Atopic Dermatitis: An Itch that Rashes. 


For more,  read here Dr Suzie's articles on Atopic Eczema:


Atopic Dermatitis: An Itch that Rashes - Dr Suzie's recommendations to Parents in 2018




Atopic Eczema: A Killjoy of Parenthood








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