Atopic Dermatitis: An Itch that Rashes - Dr Suzie's recommendations to Parents in 2018

April 18, 2018



This year the World Allergy Organisation (WAO), together with its member societies around the world, will host World Allergy Week from April 22-28, 2018. The theme and educational focus will be: Atopic Dermatitis: An Itch that Rashes. 


Childhood Eczema remains a nightmare. Given that 25% of pre-schoolers in 2018 now have eczema, it’s time advice about eczema went beyond soap, sand, chlorine avoidance and steroid creams to a serious consideration of how we can stop the newest driver of childhood chronic disease - allergy.


Those who have helplessly watched children tormented by endless scratching and disrupted sleep, will understand how eczema is a killjoy of parenthood.


In the spirit of World Allergy Week 2018, here are Dr Suzie's recommendations to Parents in 2018:

  1. Look for allergies if your child’s eczema is not getting better. These may be environmental, food or contact allergies.

  2. Get Medical advice before eliminating gluten, dairy or eggs from the diet. The role of food is complicated.

  3. Remove all known allergens and irritants. Allergen avoidance for those with documented allergies is essential. This includes foods, dust mites and animal dander’s in individuals who are allergic to them.

  4. Know exactly what you are washing and moisturizing your child with. The key is to protect abnormal skin barrier and do no harm by exposing skin to further toxicities.

  5. Learn how to do wet-dressings. 

  6. Use steroid creams as prescribed – they help!

  7. Trim nails, consider night time anti-histamine to stop itch.

  8. Discuss with your Doctor whether you might benefit from adding + zinc, fish oil and probiotics


Download PDF here.


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