Sorry, Could You Repeat That Again?

March 2, 2018




It really saddens me when I hear stories like this.


Recently one of my patients developed days of anxiety after failing to perform a home sleep study for me. She felt like a failure for days.


At age 75 years of age she was still managing independently at home but getting out to do tasks was becoming more and more daunting.



A few months back some hearing tests showed hearing loss but at the time refused to get hearing aids, insisting wax was the real trouble.


When she explained why she couldn’t complete the home sleep study she told me she just couldn’t understand the instructions from the lady.


Understanding instructions requires hearing them first. From the amount of times she repeated “what was that?”, it was fairly clear what had happened that day.


For her, the failure of returning the home sleep study kit incomplete because she didn’t understand the instructions weighed heavily on her for days triggering her depression.


To think that something as simple as poor hearing contributes silently to depression, dementia, family misunderstandings, social withdrawal and low self-esteem is astounding. All avoidable by correcting hearing. A quick test.


This week is National Hearing Week. If you know someone that might benefit from a hearing test and seeing an ENT then pass this message on.


Get a quick hearing check. It doesn’t cost anything anyway and it could make life much more enjoyable.


For my patient, after allaying her prejudice against hearing aids, she’s made the bold decision to hear better today and she seems much brighter and happier for it 😊


If you are looking for hearing aids Sydney in Bella Vista, contact us today.


To better hearing.

Dr Suzie


For more information call 1300 344 325.

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