Time For a Healthier Mindset? collective.care Mindfulness Classes Now Available

September 15, 2017


Time For a Healthier Mindset?  Get Grounded,  Feel Better... We Teach You How

Mindfulness Classes now available:

collective.care Mindfulness programs invite you on a journey to experience a more peaceful and healthier way of being with yourself and the world around you through mindfulness based stillness meditation.
Mindfulness allows you to experience life from a fresh new perspective by living in the present moment enabling you to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings, body and surroundings.


Mindfulness is practiced with a  non-judgmental attitude paying attention to your thoughts and feelings as an impartial observer. You can learn to choose how you respond to yourself and others instead of reacting personally to them.


collective.care Mindfulness Foundation, Resilience and Therapeutic Programs are integrated and designed to build upon each other to grow and strengthen your understanding and skills to build a sustainable and effective mindfulness practice.

collective.care Mindfulness is free from any affiliation with any religious traditions or belief based systems.




Foundation Mindfulness is an introduction to mindfulness based stillness meditation, why we need to meditate, how it works, the benefits and how to integrate mindfulness successfully into your everyday life.


By understanding the principles of mindfulness and developing attention training, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the mind and a more accepting and compassionate relationship to themselves and the outside world.   


Through guided exercises and meditations, participants become aware of the automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving learning to respond in more effective ways.
This program lays a solid foundation ready to support further development of mindfulness meditations taught in the Resilience and Therapeutic programs.






Regular meditation practice helps create a greater sense of calm (mentally and emotionally), an increased feeling of wellbeing, improve the quality of our mind and develop a greater sense inner peace.

Generally, western society lacks training in mind / emotional management. The normal defaults are to try and ignore, control or suppress negative thoughts or “suck it up” and
soldier on hoping tomorrow will be somehow better.


Negative emotions ranging from stress, depression, anxiety, fear and many others, can have a direct impact on our health and body. The good news is, the benefits of mindfulness and meditation are starting to gain wider attention. There is an
ever-increasing amount of academic research around its effects. In fact, a survey of Australian General Practitioners (GPs) reported that yoga and meditation were seen as
highly safe and effective therapies, with around two thirds of GPs referring to, or suggesting that their patients use yoga or meditation.[6]

Mindfulness gives us the ability to Change & Manage the way we think, feel and act despite the external forces that bear down upon our lives.


Harvard neuroscientist Dr Sara Lazar, a leading researcher in the field, is one of the first to show that meditation practice produces structural changes in the brain.


“If you have a better handle of all the different emotions, you realise, ‘OK,
this emotion isn’t useful," Lazar says.

“It gives you more information, and information is power.”


References: Cohen M, Penman S, Pirotta M. et al. The integration of complementary therapies in Australian general practice: WZResults of a national survey. J Altern Complement Med 2005;11(6):995-1004. [Abstract]







David Flakelar is a holistic practitioner who combines individual energy medicine treatments with the benefits mindfulness to bring balance to address many stress related conditions of both diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions. 


He is passionate about helping patients restore the natural balance of their energetic system that underpins their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. David combines AcuEnergetics® treatments with mindfulness meditations that together create an ideal healing environment for patients to achieve optimum health and wellness.


 David has been working as a senior AcuEnergetics® practitioner in private practice and a personal development educator and mindfulness teacher in Australia, USA and Canada for 15 years.


 Originally graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Applied Science, David focussed on personal development and energy medicine. He graduated from the AcuEnergetics® School in Sydney as a practitioner and was invited to teach the modality in Sydney and overseas. 


He is also a qualified holistic life coach from the Metavision Institute and graduated from the Gawler Foundation as a mindfulness meditation teacher registered with Meditation Association of Australia.


David was invited to and taught AcuEnergetics® at the Osho Centre Puna India, Vancouver and California.




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