Fatigued? Do you know about Lyme Disease? Here's an explanation from a Sydney Doctor who treats it.

July 18, 2017


Lyme Disease is very topical especially overseas and is a cause of chronic fatigue. But is it even in Australia? Here's what you need to know.


Dr Suzie, collective.care clinical director, spoke with Dr James Read, thought leader in nutritional medicine and medical educator about gut problems, fatigue and Lyme disease.


Here is what Dr Read shared with us about Lyme disease.


"Lyme-like-illness or tick-borne illness is the better name for it in Australia. We may not have the exact bacteria that people acquire overseas and hence we call it Lyme-like-illness in Australia.


People need to know that it is an incredibly debilitating illness that can certainly steal a young person’s life away from them. 




It is such an important illness, we have  even had a senate enquiry into this matter investigating the issue because it’s not recognised by the infectious disease specialists to treat this disease in Australia. However, the state committee has unequivocally found that we have a disease which is a Lyme-like illness;  a group of infections that are tick-borne that causes severe pain, brain fog, severe fatigue, sleep disturbance and it can even affect their heart, blood pressure and even cause the heart to be unstable. Poor cognitive function and nerve function occurs and a once previously high functioning person can be severely fatigued and debilitated.


It is a treatable condition though but with complex treatments. Like most cases of chronic fatigue, it’s not just about antibiotics - it really requires a holistic approach to fatigue management and supporting the person as a whole -especially nutrient and gut function and immune function. We can use drugs, herbs, antibiotics and even hyperthermia  can be used. These treatments may seem radical but can be life transforming"


Transcript taken from Podcast - Dr Suzie talks to Dr James Read.


About Dr James Read:


Dr Read is an internationally renowned nutritional medicine practitioner and medical educator. He has numerous post graduate qualifications in nutrition including a Master of Public Health majoring in Nutrition and a Fellowship of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He also has post graduate qualifications in General Practice, Rural Medicine and Anaesthesia.

His private practice recently has focussed on complex conditions such as obesity, chronic fatigue, cancer, hormone imbalances, irritable bowel syndrome, food and chemical intolerances, chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, and non-drug approaches to conditions such as ADHD, depression and anxiety. He also provides ongoing locum services in Emergency Medicine and Anaesthesia to rural and remote towns and indigenous communities. 

Approaches to treatment include examining and modifying lifestyle factors including diet, sleep and stress management. Dr Read examines toxin exposure and utilises detoxification, nutritional supplementation including intravenous and compounded nutrients and hormonal therapies to treat a variety of clinical conditions.


Dr Read is a teaching faculty member and previous Vice President of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He has taught nutritional environmental medicine at conferences in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand for organisations including the CSIRO, ACNEM, AIMA, MINDD and the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. 





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