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March 16, 2017



Australia is in the midst of a growing specialist health care crisis. 


This is general opinion of GP’s, who claim that it is becoming harder and harder to find affordable specialist care for patients in need of treatment for anything from orthopaedics to psychiatric care. 


So why is this happening?


According to Private Healthcare Australia chief executive Rachel David, the main reason is that Specialists are over-charging 


 She recently stated in an interview with ‘The Australian’ that doctors were charging fees that were completely out of alignment with the overall rise in median incomes, inflation, and even the AMA’s recommended fee list.


She says, “When household incomes are rising at 1.8 per cent per annum, and premium increases are 5-7 per cent per annum, we know our members are making substantial sacrifices to maintain private health cover.’’ She reports that surgeons have been charging double to 10 times the AMA’s recommended fee for procedures.


The situation is compounded by the lack of specialist bulk billing. As one GP commented in a recent ‘Australian Doctor’ survey,

"We don’t put enough pressure on specialists to bulk-bill disadvantaged patients like we GPs do. There should be a publicly accessible list of specialists who bulk-bill all disadvantaged patients."

The other concern is specialists who work in very narrow areas with little to no consultation with other specialists or GP’s. According to Dr. Marie-Ange Nambier, a GP working in the ACT, the system has become bogged down with inter-specialist referrals, which waste both the doctor’s and the patient’s time. 


At, we are aware that most specialist care has not been meeting the needs of Australians, so we decided to be different.


What is Doing to Help Change the Face of Specialist Healthcare

1. Bulk Billing

We introduced bulk billing for our skin, eyes, ENT and allergy Doctors. This means even when you see our advanced trained nurses, GP’s ,  there is no additional cost to you. These provide huge savings for Australian families, many of whom are struggling to pay expensive specialist fee’s. 


2. Our GP’s Are Specialist-Trained GP’s


We go the extra mile to give our GP’s more detailed specialist knowledge meaning they understand your health concerns better. This means they are able to provide better initial diagnosis , resulting in faster and more accurate treatment in one place and our GP’s  also know which evidence based tests to order and most of our tests in our labs are Bulk Billed which means NO extra costs and  convenient site tests such as hearing tests and allergy testing.


3. Case Conferencing


We’ve also pioneered a new approach to specialist health care called case conferencing.  This is where symptoms can be cross checked by a team of specialists working together under one roof. The patient doesn’t just see one doctor, but as many inter-specialty health professionals as required to accurately diagnose and treat your health concern. We feel that this style of treatment saves patients time and money in not having to see multiple specialists to diagnose and treat one health concern.


So why do we go that extra mile to pioneer these new approaches to health care?

Because we believe that quality and affordable specialist health care should be available to all Australians. And the best way to do this is with a collaborative approach that gives patients access to a range of specialists and specialist-trained GP’s at bulk-billed rates.



Want to Know More?


If you’d like to know more about our how can help you, or if you’d like to make an appointment, call us on 1300 344 325. 


Don’t let unaffordable specialist procedures or long public hospital waiting lists get in the way of enjoying optimal health.

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