February 7, 2019

Did you know that obesity is one of the biggest health concerns in Australia? Statistics show that 63% of Australians aged 18 and more are obese or overweight in 2018 and being overweight and obese can lead to other health issues such as high blood glucose, high blood...

December 4, 2018

Dr Suzie explains why you don't want to miss THIS free local School Readiness check if you have a 4-year-old child!

If you have a pre-schooler, then I suggest you check your blue book records to see if you completed this 👇 check because you may be missing out on an opp...

Most of us know someone who is not happy with their hearing aids or has their hearing aids kept safety in their bedside drawer never to see the light of day again. It is something we regularly hear, but have we ever stopped to ask why? Rather than simply believing that...

October 24, 2018

You don't realise how much you take breathing for granted until your nose is stuffed up!

With spring season here, we know there are a lot of people suffering from hayfever.

The World Allergy Organisation predicts rising air borne allergies, particularly from Po...

Hearing is an important sensory function, one that is often easily overlooked. These days all children born in Australia have a new born hearing screen, but how many children have a test after that? For most children who pass this initial test at birth, this can be onl...

September 11, 2018

Remember the November 2016 Melbourne Thunderstorm Asthma event - nine deaths, 4000 emergency department presentations, more than 30 intensive care admissions and hospitals running out of Ventolin!

Warnings about sudden attacks of asthma during Thunderstorms are REAL. Wh...

April 23, 2018

Atopic Eczema leads the way to school

one a sunny day

Meeting his friend Allergic Rhinitis,

along the way.

“Surprise”, Jumps in Food Allergy to lead the March

‘What fun to walk to school together! ‘ he laughs

Distracted, already running wildly ahead

Allergic Rhinitis detours...

April 18, 2018

This year the World Allergy Organisation (WAO), together with its member societies around the world, will host World Allergy Week from April 22-28, 2018. The theme and educational focus will be: Atopic Dermatitis: An Itch that Rashes. 

Childhood Eczema remains a nightma...

April 18, 2018

This World Allergy Week 2018 it’s time we pick up the speed on Atopic Eczema and recognise the critical role allergy has in fuelling the itch that rashes. 

A Parents Guide to Atopic Eczema

written for World Allergy Week 2018

by Dr Suzie

Childhood Eczema remains a nightma...