collective.care was created by Australian doctors who passionately believe excellence

in specialist healthcare, including hearing, should be affordable to the whole community.


Our state of the art hearing clinic provides you with the most comprehensive testing facilities in the area to ensure we understand your unique level of hearing loss and communication abilities.


Hearing loss affects a great many Australians, due to age, disease, injury or predisposition. Our Audiologist can help to diagnose both the hearing loss, prescribing treatments and management strategies based on the results. 


At collective.care hearing clinic, we have partnered with the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world and we are able to provide the most sophisticated hearing aid products.


After receiving a new hearing aid, most people require a series of fine-tuning adjustments as they adapt to the devices, and to re-train

their brain to hear lost sounds and frequencies. We understand the hearing aid is only a small part of the puzzle, that is why we provide ongoing personalised aftercare.


collective.care Hearing Clinic promises to work with each patient for as long as it takes, to make sure their hearing aids are delivering the best results possible. That’s our commitment to you.


  • Free screening* hearing tests – Available for both children (over 7 years of age) and adults

  • Diagnostic hearing assessments for both children (over 7 years of age) and adults, at a fair private fee with professional recommendations based on your individual hearing needs and lifestyle

  • Hearing aids & fittings 

  • Earmold & earplug fittings - Available for children and adults (industrial, communication, music and swimming)

  • Industrial, work-related & employment hearing tests

  • CASA hearing test

  • Other assistive listening devices


* a screening test will only give you an indication of whether there is a hearing loss or not. If you need more comprehensive testing then this will be advised by the Audiologist. 

Nobody wants to go through life second-guessing their own health and judgement. Hearing loss, in a variety of forms and severities, affects a great many Australians, and can often be difficult to notice in its early stages. If you suspect that your hearing is not what it was or are otherwise concerned about your hearing health, book yourself a consultation for a hearing test at the collective.care Hearing Clinic in Bella Vista (located in Sydney's Hills District area).



Hearing screening and hearing aids available now at our Bella Vista hearing clinic


The collective.care Hearing Clinic at Bella Vista offers an incredibly broad range of detailed treatments for ear and hearing related complaints. Our Audiologist has all the training and equipment to conduct standardised, comprehensive hearing tests and assess the results on the spot. We work with each patient to tailor a hearing loss management solution which suits your needs, lifestyle, and hearing goals. Where these solutions include hearing aids, our Audiologist will be able to recommend and dispense you an appropriate device at competitive prices.


Our Hearing Clinic also conducts hearing tests for a variety of non-medical reasons, such as to establish baseline hearing levels required for various law enforcement and aviation jobs. 


To contact us call 1300 344 325 or to book an online appointment, click here.



EMAIL: info@collective.care 



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