Hearing devices and styles that are available:

Hearing aids are usually described according to where they are worn. In order of decreasing size, these categories are: behind-the-ear (further categorization is done based on the position of the receiver i.e. whether it is within the hearing aid case or within the ear canal, size of the aid and power of the aid), in-the-ear, in-the-canal and completely-in-the-canal.  


Your choice of hearing device will depend on a range of factors individual to you, including:

•    the degree of your hearing loss and your lifestyle
•    your said goals and expectations for using a hearing device 
•    any health concerns/limitations that may impact on the successful use of hearing devices 
•    your preferences for hearing device styles, brands, aesthetics, and accessories that are available 
The audiologist will take these factors into account and recommend devices accordingly. 

What are the different types of hearing aids/devices?


What are the different types of hearing aids/devices?

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid: 
Most parts of the hearing device are in a case that sits behind the ear. This case is attached by a clear tube to an earmould that sits in the bowl and canal of your outer ear. The sound collected by the hearing aid is passed to the ear through the earmould. 
BTE aids are used for all degrees of hearing loss.     

Open fit BTE hearing aid: 
This style of hearing aid sits in a similar fashion at the back of the ear as a regular BTE but, are usually in a smaller casing.  And the tube that connects the case to the earpiece is almost invisible. Some earpieces are small and do not completely fill the ear canal. 
Open fit BTEs are useful to people who have good hearing in the low pitches, or who cannot wear an ear mold. 
High powered BTE hearing aid: 
This style of hearing aid is more powerful, generally recommended for severe to profound hearing losses. They are often larger than a regular BTE and require a larger battery size.     

In-the-ear (ITE) and in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid:
The parts of an ITE hearing aid are in a case that sits in the outer part of the canal whereas an ITC hearing aid case sits partly in the canal. These aids are customized to the size and shape of the person’s ear canal.
ITE hearing aids are often more powerful than ITC hearing aids and are larger in size. They are not suitable for all levels of hearing loss. Also, these aids are more prone to wax damage. 
Completely in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid: 
The parts of a CIC hearing aid are in a case that sits completely into the ear canal. This style of aid is quite small and sits deeper in the canal. They are not suitable for all levels of hearing loss and may not be suitable for people with very narrow or ‘bendy’ ear canals, or those who have difficulty using their hands. Like ITE and ITC aids these are more prone to wax damage as well.     
There are some other types of hearing aids but, these are less commonly fitted such as contralateral routing of signal (CROS) aids and bilateral contralateral routing of signal (BiCROS) aids. Your audiologist will discuss these with you if, there was a need.     


Hearing screening and hearing aids available now at our Bella Vista hearing clinic

The collective.care Hearing Clinic at Bella Vista offers an incredibly broad range of detailed treatments for ear and hearing related complaints. Our Audiologist has all the training and equipment to conduct standardised, comprehensive hearing tests and assess the results on the spot. We work with each patient to tailor a hearing loss management solution which suits your needs, lifestyle, and hearing goals. Where these solutions include hearing aids, our Audiologist will be able to recommend and dispense you an appropriate device.


Our Hearing Clinic also conducts hearing tests for a variety of non-medical reasons, such as to establish baseline hearing levels required for various law enforcement and aviation jobs. 


Contact our clinic today on 1300 344 325 to discuss your options for affordable hearing tests, or book an online appointment here.




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