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Allergies can make life pretty unpleasant for sufferers. If you're frustrated that you haven’t got to the bottom of a hayfever issue, sick of google searching or wondering if you need a second opinion or that maybe allergy’s been missed, the team at is here to help.


 Get an integrative approach from

specialist trained GP’s.


At, we’ve partnered with the Australian Allergy Centre to deliver Sydney’s most comprehensive allergy testing and treatment clinic. Our Allergy trained doctors and nurses will be able to arrange your on-site tests and treatment. Don’t miss out on getting answers today from our Bella Vista Doctors who specialise in :


✔️ Allergy Testing 

✔️Allergy Treatments

✔️ Hearing Testing

✔️ Metabolic Testing 

✔️ Sleep Testing 

✔️ Breathing Testing 

✔️ Skin Checking 



Arrange your Doctors appointment today at for comprehensive testing including same day allergy testing and we’ll help you


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Our Clinic is located in Bella Vista.

Suite A11, Level 1, 24 - 32 Lexington Dr

Bella Vista NSW 2153

If you would like to contact us via phone you can call us on 1300 344 325

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