Identify the source of chronic symptoms with a food test


A significant amount of the confusion surrounding food allergies comes from the common mistake of conflating those strictly immune reactions with the less severe and non-allergic symptoms classed as food intolerance. 


Food intolerance is what leads to complaints of headaches, bloating, ulcers, and tiredness after eating certain kinds of food, and the diagnosis is becoming increasingly common in recent times (along with those of most allergic conditions).


The most severe and chronic conditions relating to food intolerance, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, can be restrictive and debilitating illnesses in their own right and require serious planning and management to live with. Our specialist allergy doctors are trained to manage allergic conditions, so book your consultation today.


We currently do not perform food intolerance testing or food sensitivity testing at our clinics, but we can refer our patients to specialty labs that offer the testing and our doctors can manage the conditions. Additionally, some patients find it beneficial to exclude any food allergies by consulting with our doctors first, before investigating food intolerances. Please call us to discuss your concerns, so we can advise you on how we best can assist you with.


Get fast access and affordable Allergy testing Sydney in Bella Vista when you book today have made it our ongoing mission to provide specialist healthcare services at an affordable price.  You can book an appointment for a food allergy skin prick test today, either using the digital booking form on our website or by calling us on 1300 344 325.

Our clinic is located at Bella Vista, which makes it convenient for those located in Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Blacktown or anywhere else in the Norwest region of Sydney looking for where to get food allergy testing done.







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