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How do I make an appointment?

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our doctors, please contact our reception staff. Alternatively, you may book an appointment through our online booking system HERE. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred day, time and choice of practitioner.

How long are appointments?

The length of your appointment will depend on the appointment type and your medical concerns. Please speak with reception staff when making your appointment or choose the appointment that suitably corresponds with your concerns, see below guide:

Do you have an appointment reminder system?

Yes, we will send an SMS to you the day before your appointment. If you do not have a mobile, we will give you a call to confirm.

For those who have booked an allergy appointment, you will also receive a reminder one week prior to your appointment. This is to remind you to cease taking any antihistamine medications - You can find out more about our allergy appointments HERE 

Can I make, change or cancel an appointment via email?

Absolutely, although we prefer you give us a call or use our online booking system, as it allows us to manage your requests more efficiently and without delay.

Can I contact my Doctor via the telephone or email?  

To ensure quality of care, our doctors prefer to see you for a consultation rather than liaise via telephone or email. This policy ensures complex problems are diagnosed accurately and managed appropriately with a proper consultation, whilst allowing you time to have all your questions answered. Please book an appointment HERE.


If a Doctor does call you and leaves a message, please call our reception team and they will assist you. Please remember that our doctors are busy, work varying days/ hours and may not be available at that particular time. Our reception team will ensure the doctors get your message and the doctor or a member of our team will return your call at the earliest opportunity.


Urgent calls will always be dealt with promptly – FOR EMERGENCIES, PLEASE DIAL 000

Pathology and Imaging Test results and appointments:

If your doctor refers you for pathology, imaging or other diagnostic tests, they will advise you of when they anticipate your results to be received. Please schedule a review appointment to discuss your test results with the doctor.

Recall for abnormal results will be made either by phone or mail, so please ensure that we have your most up-to-date contact details. Our team will promptly contact you, once your results are received.

Do appointments require a fee and/or what are the Medicare rebates available?

collective.care offers bulk billed consultations for GP, Skin and Allergy appointments.

Some of our tests, treatments, procedure and care packs may require a cost, we will advise you in advance if there is a cost associated with these additional items. Please call us on 1300 344 325 if you’d like to enquire or discuss.


If your appointment includes a payment, full payment is required at the end of your consultation by cash or card. Our reception team will process your possible Medicare rebate at the time of payment and you will receive the rebate back from Medicare within 24-48 hours after your appointment. The rebate funds will be deposited into the bank account linked to your Medicare / MyGov profile. To ensure you receive your rebates, please check that your details with Medicare / MyGov online are up to date.

Is there parking available?

Yes, our collective.care Bella Vista clinic has 2 hour free parking within the business complex.


Does an Allergy appointment require a referral?  

No. At collective.care you do not need a referral for an allergy appointment or allergy tests. If you do have a referral, please bring it along as it may indicate what your doctor, dentist or specialist would like us to investigate.  

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring to your appointment, your medicare card and if you have private health insurance, your member details.

If you have a referral, please bring it along.

It is also of assistance to our allergy team if you bring any relevant additional information, such as current medications, allergy reaction discharge summaries, previous investigations (including past allergy tests results), and any recent CT or Xray scans.

Tip for parents of children being tested, please bring along either a favourite toy or ipad/phone etc. to keep the child occupied while the test is being conducted. 

What medications should I avoid prior to skin prick testing?

For us to conduct an allergy test, we require you to STOP taking the following medications prior to your appointment:

  • Oral Antihistamines such as Claratyne and Zyrtec - 5 days prior(please check any medications you are taking as they may contain hidden Antihistamines, this includes over the counter medications such as cold and flu tablets)

  • Oral Steroids such as prednisone or dexamethasone   - 7 days prior


Please be advised that you can still use eye drops that have antihistamine properties, steroid topical skin creams, nasal steroid sprays and asthma steroid sprays.


Please continue you to take any other medications that have been prescribed by your doctor.


We ask you to cease taking oral medication, as it interferes with the testing and will result in either inaccurate results or no results at all.

If you cannot cease taking these medications prior to the appointment, you are still most welcome to make an appointment and speak with our allergy doctors about your condition. Our team will develop a possible temporary treatment plan to ease your symptoms enough for us to conduct testing at a later date.

A full list of medications to cease taking can be viewed below:​


How long will my appointment be and what to expect during my appointment?

An initial allergy appointment will go for approximately an hour.

An allergy review appointment will go for approximately half an hour.


Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly reception team and asked to complete your registration information and any consent forms. It is ideal to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time for these forms to be completed.


You will then be greeted by our allergy nurses, who will begin your consultation. You will be joined by our allergy doctors who will assess your condition and conduct the relevant allergy tests required.


You will be provided with the results of your test prior to your departure and any necessary follow up appointments or treatment arrangements will be made.

Are there costs involved?

At collective.care our consultations are bulk billed, however, some of our tests and treatments do incur a cost. Before deciding on which tests or treatments to undertake, our team will go through any costs with you and what is best suited to you based on your symptoms and conditions.

For privacy reasons, we don’t release this information online. Please give us a call to discuss our test and treatment fees and what Medicare rebates are available.

Can children of all ages receive allergy testing?

No, we cannot perform an allergy test on children under the age of two years old. If you are interested in an allergy test for a patient under the age of two, we suggest speaking to your paediatrician for advice.

Can I get multiple tests during the appointment?

Yes, you can. Our doctors will assess your condition and symptoms and recommend the best tests for you. Our doctors and you can decide which tests you receive on the day.

Please note that if you do receive multiple allergy tests on the one day, it may affect the Medicare rebates available. Please speak with our reception team for further information.

Is an allergy test painful?

Our aeroallergen, food and nut allergy tests are conducted via a skin prick test on either the patients arm or on the back for young children.

The skin is very lightly scratched with a plastic tip, coated with the allergen substance being tested. The test is well tolerated by the majority of patients, including young children. When there is a positive reaction to the allergy substance, the skin reacts with major irritation and results in subsequent urge to itch. Resisting to itch can be the most difficult part of the test.


Tip for parents of children being tested, please bring along either a favourite toy or ipad/phone etc. to keep the child occupied while the test is being conducted.  

What items are tested in an allergy test?

We have two types of allergy tests, skin prick and allergy patch testing.

Our skin prick testing includes various panels: Aeroallergen (environmental), complete food, basic food, seafood and nut.

A skin patch test is for contact dermatitis sufferers.


Please contact us to discuss these tests further.

I’ve read about Rhinolight or Immunotherapy, how can I receive these treatments?

At collective.care we offer Rhinolight and Immunotherapy treatments. To receive one or both of these treatments, we require our patients to receive an allergy test to determine if their allergy, condition or symptoms are suited to these treatments. The doctor will also assess if the patient meets the necessary criteria for undergoing these treatments.


Please make an initial allergy appointment and our allergy team will take it from there!


Do I require a referral?

No. At collective.care you do not need a referral for a skin check. If you do have a referral, please bring it along as it may indicate what your doctor or specialist would like us to investigate.  

What is involved in a skin check?

Our doctors will initially spend some time speaking with you about your skin cancer risk factors (including, lifestyle and work environments, history of sun tanning or solarium use), family history and relevant health issues. The doctor will then conduct a full body check, or if you prefer, they can examine any individual spots or lesions you are concerned about. 

If any areas are identified as suspicious, the doctor will photograph the area, so it can be observed for changes over a period of time. Review appointments will be advised by the doctor.

If any atypical or abnormal spots are discovered, the medical team will arrange an appointment for you to have these removed. 

Based on your skin type, risk factors and if there were any suspicious or abnormal skin spots, our doctors will make recommendations for how often you should have skin checks and give advice on sun safety and care.  

Are there costs involved?

At collective.care our skin check consults are bulk billed, however, if you have a biopsy or lesion removed there may be a cost involved in the removal and dressing/care kit. 




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