David Flakelar is a holistic practitioner who combines individual energy medicine treatments with the benefits mindfulness to bring balance to address many stress-related conditions of both diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions. 


He is passionate about helping patients restore the natural balance of their energetic system that underpins their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. David combines AcuEnergetics® treatments with mindfulness meditations that together create an ideal healing environment for patients to achieve optimum health and wellness.


 David has been working as a senior AcuEnergetics® practitioner in private practice and a personal development educator and mindfulness teacher in Australia, USA and Canada for 15 years.


 Originally graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Applied Science, David focussed on personal development and energy medicine. He graduated from the AcuEnergetics® School in Sydney as a practitioner and was invited to teach the modality in Sydney and overseas. 


He is also a qualified holistic life coach from the Metavision Institute and graduated from the Gawler Foundation as a mindfulness meditation teacher registered with Meditation Association of Australia.


David was invited to and taught AcuEnergetics® at the Osho Centre Pune India, Vancouver and California.


BA Appl Sc, Senior Practitioner AcuEnergetics® , Registered Mindfulness Teacher Meditation Australia
David Flakelar



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